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How to keep your kicks Protected this Winter

How to keep your kicks Protected this Winter

How to keep your kicks Protected this Winter

clock-circular-outline Posted December 15, 2023

Winter Woes? Say no more

Sneakers in snow
Image Courtesy of Wassim Chouak via Unsplash Images

With Winter well and truly in full force and as we start to catch a chilly draught from outside, these inclement weather conditions are not only nipping at our noses but our sneakers too.

Just because temperatures drop below freezing, doesn’t mean your sneakers have to suffer, so we’ve decided to shed some light on our sneaker care wisdom, providing some useful protection tips so your sneakers can last the distance this winter.

1. Invest in some all-terrain sneakers for those days of snow

Running shoes for snow
Image Courtesy of Nike website

While it might be tempting to sport your fresh pair of Jordans or those high-heat Dunks in the snow, it's probably not the wisest choice. Snow is primarily composed of water, and this moisture can lead to your sneakers absorbing an excessive amount of water, weakening their structure and bonding. This can result in exterior damage and discolouration. Furthermore, most everyday sneakers are designed for traction on tarmac and concrete surfaces, so when faced with icy conditions, expect things to get a little slippery.

To avoid this at all costs, we recommend investing in some terrain-ready sneakers in your rotation. Now if you’re looking for a starting point, why not kick off your uphill snow pursuits with a pair of Saucony Peregrines, its traction-enhancing PWRTRAC outsoles offer exceptional grip when tackling uneven surfaces. Other features include a closed mesh upper and built-in ankle gaiter, wicking out all the elements one step at a time.

Saucony Peregrine

Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 GTX is another excellent choice for those glacial retreats. Water-resistant mesh wraps around the uppers, working in tandem with its Gore-Tex membrane to deliver state-of-the-art protection against rain, snow, and everything in between. Responsive cushioning is bedded into the lowers for long-lasting grippy goodness on the trickiest of slopes.

Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 GTX

Give some extra TLC to your mesh uppers with the Crep Protect Cure kit. Our natural 98% solution is ideal for effectively cleaning all types of dirt and stains.

If you’re looking for that seamless blend of functionality and style, the New Balance Fresh Foam X Trail More v3 is the perfect outdoor terrain shoe. Vibram midsoles offer a unique synergy of comfort and stability on uneven surfaces, while its mesh engineered uppers uppers are easy to clean, and extremely breathable, keeping you well-ventilated throughout. Pair it all with some lugged tread underfoot and you’ll be snow-ready in no time!

New Balance Fresh Foam X Trail More v3

Shop the latest selection of New Balance’s trail-inspired sneakers at Captain Creps

2. Use the Crep Protect Spray

Crep Protect Spray

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure and one way for you to keep your kicks rain and stain-free is by being proactive rather than reactive. If you get a new pair of sneakers and the weather looks bitter, apply some Crep Protect Spray onto those joints and you’ll never have to worry about another stain running your drip.

Thanks to the magic of Nanotechnology, our specially formulated repellent spray forms a hydrophobic barrier over your sneakers which offers up to two weeks of long-lasting protection. Plus the spray is suitable for all types of materials, so if a splash of mud causes a blunder on your sneakers, it’ll be so much easier to wipe away.

Blot away the smallest of stains with the Crep Protect Wipes

3. Give your sneaks a quick rotation

Crep Protect Crates

If every winter you pull out your token beaters because that small hole protruding from the sole is not a big deal then I am talking to you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but not rotating your sneakers at least once a week can cause some serious stress on your kicks, causing them to not withstand any harsh temperatures which leads to midsole cracking, yellowing, or even interior damage.

Instead of allowing your pair of shoes to be diminished to the ground, why not try mixing up your sneaker selection? After all, if they’re properly looked after using Crep Protect product (cough, cough) then you’ll never have to worry about any mess, moisture, or dirt because we’ve got you covered. And no we’re saying to go sledging in your Born x Raised Nike Dunks, but be selective and choose durable leather shoes over nubuck and suede as they are less susceptible to colour bleeding.

Take a look at our 5 Essential Sneaker Care Tips That Everyone Should Know

Make sure you head over to Captain Creps to keep up with the latest on sneaker drops. Delve into their marketplace and cop the best deals on some of your sought-after favourites.


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