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5 Essential Sneaker Care Tips That Everyone Should Know

5 Essential Sneaker Care Tips That Everyone Should Know

clock-circular-outline Posted November 30, 2023

A rookie or a veteran in the sneaker game, at Crep we believe that everyone should be giving their sneakers some well-deserved care. Rather than splurging the pounds on a new pair of kicks, why not try something a little bit more budget-friendly and invest in an effective sneaker care routine?

Crep Protect Spray

If you have no idea where to start, you’re in the right place and we’re going to take you through our top 5 sneaker care tips, so you’ll never be out of pocket again.

1. Give your sneakers a weekly clean

Cleaning Jordan 5s with Crep Protect Cure

Right, so we know that cleaning your sneakers may not be at the top of your priority list but you’ve just bought a fresh pair of the Air Force 1s and I’m sure you could not bear the fact that he could be soiled within a couple of months.

That’s why a weekly clean is so important, especially if you wear your kicks daily. Not only will cleaning your favourite sneakers increase their longevity, but the right care will reduce yellowing, cracking, and discolouration over time. If you have no idea where to start in the cleaning process, put your trust in our hands as we offer the ultimate care package to keep your grails clean. Take that leap, invest in our Crep Protect Cure Kit, and you’ll never look back.

The Crep Protect Cure kit includes our power-packed Cleaning Solution, Microfibre towel, and Premium Cleaning Brush, all the essentials you need to keep your sneakers looking on point.

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2. Don’t neglect the laces

Dirty sneaker laces

Now this isn’t always the most obvious tip for some of the most seasoned sneakerheads out there, but proper care of your laces goes a long way. If you notice that your laces are becoming a little duller in appearance due to the collection of dirt and dust, then this certainly is your cue to bring them back to life.

As the saying goes, a happy lace is a happy life (well, kind of) and a quick dip of the lace into the Crep Protect Cure solution won’t hurt anyone. Before cleaning your laces make sure you remove them from your sneakers, so you’re able to reach any of those nooks and crannies that you wouldn’t be able to reach when laced into your sneakers. Mix some water in the solution and use your hands to remove any stubborn dirt and this should make your laces look as good as new.

To avoid this from happening in the future, invest in some of our Crep Protect Pre-Treated Laces so you’ll never have to worry about any dirt or spills ever ruining your laces again.

Shop our selection of pre-treated laces here

3. Wipe on the go

We all know the saying that prevention is better than cure and for your sneakers and wallet's sake you better look after those £200 pair of Jordans on your feet from the start. For every small stain and dirt that appears on your sneakers - give ‘em a wipe, stepped in a muddy puddle? Give ‘em a wipe or if you see the tiniest spec of dust - give ‘em a wipe.

A daily wipe-over is essential for your sneakers as this will make your longer cleans easier to tackle, plus you don’t want to be called out for your dusty-looking creps. A clean slate starts with your sneakers and we’ve got some of the best cleaning wipes on the market.

Gentle on your sneakers but tough of stains, our Wipes are dual-sided, packing in all the effective cleaning ingredients from our Cure solution to deliver an effective sneaker clean. The textured side of the wipe effectively tackles midsoles and outsole dirt, while the smoother side is ideal for your uppers.

4. Invest in some Protective Spray

Although sneaker repellent spray is the holy grail of many sneaker enthusiasts, the hype of receiving new kicks may override the fact that they need to be protected before you wear them. Using protective spray is the best way to set the foundation for long-lasting kicks, as it reduces the chance of water damage or any dirt infiltrating your sneakers.

We suggest using our signature Crep Protect Spray which is specially designed with Nanotechnology and forms an invisible, hydrophobic barrier over your kicks for 2 weeks of long-lasting protection.

Shop our Spray

5. Suede & nubuck sneakers need lovin too

Had enough of those pesky scuffs? We’ve all been there where one minute your suede and nubuck shoes are glistening like the night and then you blink and there beholds that little scratch that you have no idea to get rid of.

While soapy solutions may leave your suede and nubuck oversaturated with water and at risk of colour bleeding, we’ve got the perfect dry-cleaning solution for your sneakers so your unwanted scuffs remain a thing of the past. For efficient buffing and cleansing of your suede and nubuck sneakers, give our Crep Protect Eraser a go.

Simply rub the eraser into the affected areas and see the marks vanish before your eyes. Store the pocket-sized eraser in its original tin after use so it can be used whenever you need it most.

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