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How to clean your Air Force 1s

How to clean your Air Force 1s

How to clean your Air Force 1s

clock-circular-outline Posted June 22, 2023

The ultimate guide to keeping those Nike Air Force 1s fresh all summer long.

How dirty are your Air Force 1s?

At Crep Protect, we know how important it is to keep your summer kicks in pristine condition, so for this How To feature, we’re going to walk you through how to keep your AF1s clean using our signature Crep Protect Cure, Spray, and Wipes.

What is Crep Protect Cure?

Image of Crep Protect Cure

Crep Protect Cure is everything you need to revive your tired-out sneakers. Our Crep Protect Cure pack includes a 98% natural 100ml solution to tackle all those tough stains, scuffs, and grime, paired with our premium cleaning brush and microfibre cloth. Each pack comes in a reusable pouch for on-the-go cleaning as well as doubling up as a travel case. Each kit cleans up to 50 pairs of shoes.

How to use Crep Protect Cure on Nike Air Force 1s:

1. Mix a small amount of the 100ml solution into our Crep Protect premium cleaning brush with water. Similar to the way we revived the Travis Scott Reverse Mocha, you will see that the solution will start to create a foam-like consistency.

2. Lather up your AF1s with our Crep Protect Cure solution and gently rub the brush in a circular motion, starting with the mudguards and sides and working across the leather uppers. Then work your way down to the midsole and sole unit making sure that all dirt and grime are removed correctly.

3. Now that your white Air Force 1’s are clean, wipe off any excess foam with our microfibre towel and allow 24 hours for your sneakers to dry.

Applying our Crep Protect Spray

Now that your AF1s are dry, its now time to apply our protective spray.

Our Crep Protect Spray
The best way to repel those liquids and stains. Fast drying and breathable, our Crep Protect spray is the ultimate way to protect your sneakers, forming an invisible hydrophobic layer over your sneakers for up 2 weeks of long-lasting protection from all types of dirt.

How does the Crep Protect Spray work on Nike Air Force 1s:

1. Shake the spray before use and apply the spray evenly to your Air Force 1s, making sure you don’t drench or saturate your shoes.

If the spray comes oversaturated, it may create a white film, but not to worry this can be easily corrected! Let the layer dry (takes up to 10 mins) in a well-ventilated area and reapply a second layer. Once the Air Force 1 is wet combine both layers together using a microfibre cloth, removing any marks.

We recommend spraying two layers for the best results, allowing 10 mins drying time between each layer. Remember that this spray can be used on Air Force 1s but as leather is already waterproof effects may be minimal.

For more cleaning tips check out our how to apply our Crep Protect Spray blog here

Touch up your AF1s with our Crep Protect Wipes

Tired of those unwanted scuff marks? Look no further, to keep those Air Force 1s on point, we’re also going to show you how to use our protective wipes.

Our Crep Protect Wipes
Our Crep Protect Wipes are individually wrapped, locking in the exclusive cleaning solution that helps to clean marks and stains. These double-sided wipes are durable, won’t fall apart when cleaning the toughest stains, and can be easily stored in travel bags, gym, and suitcases.

How to use the Crep Protect wipes on Nike Air Force 1’s

1. Open up the Crep Protect wipes and you’ll see that there is a textured side and a smooth side. To start cleaning, use the textured side of the wipe first, scrubbing off those tricky stains and scuff marks, working across the midsole, and moving towards the uppers. Air Force 1’s are made from durable leather, so these wipes will not damage the material.

Finish off with the smooth side for an out-of-the-box sheen. One wipe per shoe and our selection of wipes come in packs of 12 and 32.

And just like that, clean Air Force 1s looking like they have come straight out of the box - you're welcome!

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