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Crep Protect FoamX

Your Ultimate Guide to Crep Protect FoamX

Your Ultimate Guide to Crep Protect FoamX

clock-circular-outline Posted December 19, 2023

Before you whisk off to your festive holidays, we know you may have some last-minute shopping on the agenda. Food, perfume and the Power Puff Girls Dunks - you’ve secured them all but one thing you may want to consider for any fellow sneakerhead is how they going to keep their sneakers clean.

Crep Protect FoamX

Now if you’re looking for that extra stocking filler then you’ve come to the right place because we’re going to show you why our latest FoamX cleaning product is the ultimate bang for your buck.

Grab a coffee and gather around your mobile screens as we answer some of your questions about our latest innovation in foaming technology.


What is the FoamX Cleaner?

CP: FoamX Cleaner is a ready-to-use foam cleaner that effectively removes all kinds of dirt, stains and grime. It features a built-in pump applicator and a unique formula that changes colour from purple to white, indicating when it's ready to be wiped off.


What types of sneakers is FoamX suitable for?

CP: Our Crep Protect FoamX clean is perfect for cleaning leather, canvas, and nylon sneakers.


How do I use Instant FoamX Cleaner?

CP: To use the FoamX cleaner, remove any loose dirt with a brush. Pump the cleaner onto the sneaker, wait for around 5 minutes until the foam turns white, and then wipe it off with a damp microfibre cloth. We recommend repeating the application process as many times as needed until desired results are achieved.

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FoamX cleaner


How is the packaging of Instant FoamX Cleaner eco-friendly?

CP: The cleaner comes in a recyclable HDPE bottle, aligning with environmentally conscious standards.

Is scrubbing required when using Instant FoamX Cleaner?

CP: Generally, no scrubbing is needed. However, for persistent dirt, a gentle scrub with our premium brush followed by wiping may be required.

How much product do I get in one bottle?

CP: Each bottle contains 150ml of Instant FoamX Cleaner and cleans up to 5 pairs of sneakers.



Is Instant FoamX Cleaner safe for all materials?

CP: Yes, its water-based formula is safe and suitable for delicate sneaker materials.

How long does the cleaning process take?

CP: The process is quick, typically requiring about 5 minutes for the foam to act, plus additional time for wiping and drying.


Can I use Instant FoamX Cleaner on sneakers with colour or special finishes?

CP: While the cleaner is suitable for various materials, we recommend testing it on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility with special finishes or colours.


What is the difference between the Cure and FoamX?

CP: The main difference between the Cure Solution and Foam X is that the Cure Solution will need to be mixed with water to activate its powerful sneaker-cleaning properties and is more suitable for deeper sneaker cleans. Whereas the Foam is a quick-cleaning, ready-made foam formula that halves your cleaning time. All you have to do is shake the can and apply it directly onto your sneaker, therefore it can be ideal for those sneakerheads on the move.

Find out how to clean your sneakers using Crep Protect FoamX here




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