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Transforming Your Running Shoes Using Crep Protect Cure

Transforming Your Running Shoes Using Crep Protect Cure

clock-circular-outline Posted August 15, 2023

Give those beaters a clean with Crep Protect Cure

Are your running shoes wreaking havoc from those muddy trails? Or are you looking to refresh your beaters for the next outdoor adventure? At Crep Protect we are always looking for ways to improve your sneaker cleaning experience and our cure kit is always the solution to your filthy, unkept kicks.

Delivering our expertise to the table, we show how to transform your running shoes with our signature Crep Protect Cure kit. We have used the iconic Nike Roche Runs as an example and you'll see how the magic of the Cure solution unfolds!

Before we talk you through the cleaning process, let’s get a better understanding of the Crep Protect Cure kit.

What is Crep Protect Cure?

The cure to your sneaker woes, our Crep Protect Cure collection eliminates stains, grease, and grime to keep your shoes in pristine condition. This premium pack contains our 98% natural cure solution, durable microfibre towel, premium cleaning brush, and our waterproof carry case with a built-in wash tray.

Crep Protect Cure

Get Prepped:

1. Before starting the cleaning process of your runners, make sure you remove the laces of your shoes, as this makes it easier to target harder-to-reach areas. Leave the laces aside as we will clean those separately!

Removing laces from Nike Roshe Runs

2. Once this is done, unpack all the contents from the cure solution and now you’re ready to clean!

Crep Protect Cure kit

Cleaning the Laces:

1. Fill up a bowl with warm water and dip your brush into the water, making sure that it is damp and not oversaturated. As the Roshe Runs are predominantly mesh-based (similar to any other running shoes on the market), this will ensure that the material will not get damaged during the cleaning process.

Dipping premium cleaning brush in water

2. Add a few drops of the cure solution to the brush, then dip your laces in the water and use the premium brush to scrub off all the dirt and grime. To achieve the best results, work your brush in a vertical direction until the laces are fully cleaned.

cleaning the laces of the Roshe Runs

3. Leave the laces to dry for 24 hours.

Give Those Shoes a Scrub:

Now let’s move on to the main shoe. If the water has become dirty after the lace cleaning, give the water a change and add a couple more drops of solution to your cleaning brush.

Adding Cure solution to the premium brush

1. Starting with the front, scrub your shoes in a circular motion and slowly make your way to the midsole and rears. The solution will start to lather up and this will be a great indication that this powerful solution is working effectively.

Scrubbing the Roshe Runs

The Outsole

2. For the outsole apply some more pressure to your cleaning brush so that you effectively target those grooves. If some areas become difficult to clean, dampen and apply a small amount of the cure solution to your microfibre towel and run your finger through the stubborn areas for the best results.

Outsole cleaning

Finishing off:

3. Now that your running shoes are spotless, wipe down your kicks with our super absorbent microfibre towel and leave it to dry for 24 hours.

Wiping down sneakers with microfibre towel

For more sneaker-cleaning tips and tricks, head over to our ‘How To’ blog page here!

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