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Throwline Thursdays: Steph Curry

Throwline Thursdays: Steph Curry

Throwline Thursdays: Steph Curry

clock-circular-outline Posted February 16, 2024

*Drake Voice* ‘Curry with the shot’

Throwline Thursdays: Steph Curry

Many NBA icons have graced our Throwline Thursday's roster and this week we continue to honour true B-ball talent by looking back at Golden State Warriors' most explosive point guard - Steph Curry.

Stephen Curry's self-assisted dunk with just five seconds left in the game against the LA Lakers on January 21, 2019, encapsulates his status as an NBA icon.

This moment, where he executed a hard bounce pass to himself before finishing with an impressive dunk, showcases not just his athleticism but also his creativity on the court. Known primarily for his revolutionary three-point shooting, Curry demonstrated that his skill set is both varied and dynamic, reinforcing his versatility as a player.

This gameplay highlights why Curry is revered in the NBA: his ability to combine exceptional skill with an entertaining play style. His willingness to take risks and push the boundaries of traditional basketball roles, even in the closing moments of a game, underscores his influence on the sport. Curry's impact extends beyond his scoring ability; it's his innovative approach to the game that has inspired a generation of players and fans alike.

Let’s cast our minds back to this court-defining moment below:

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