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Your Chance to Strike Gold with Crep Protect

Are you ready to add a sprinkle of surprise to your shopping experience?

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Mystery Box campaign on our website, packed with the ultimate range of Crep Protect products. But that's not all! We're bringing you a twist, you have the opportunity to score some incredible streetwear or sneakers. Intrigued? Let's get into the details.

Here's how it works: You spend a designated amount on our website and receive a Mystery Box filled with Crep Protect products worth up to three times the amount you spent. The intriguing part is that the contents remain a mystery until you receive and open the box!

We offer three types of boxes: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each box promises to bring you a surprise of our most popular products.
Our Bronze Box is your entry into the mystery. Spend £50, €50, or $50, and you receive up to £150, €150, or $150 worth of Crep Protect products.

For those seeking a greater thrill, we present our Silver Box. By spending £100, €100, or $100, you can unlock a Mystery Box packed with up to £300, €300, or $300 worth of Crep Protect items. But here's the twist - when you choose a Silver Box, you'll be asked to enter your Sneaker size and clothing size. This means you have the opportunity to receive a piece of premium streetwear or some hyped sneakers, along with your Crep Protect items. Remember, this bonus isn't guaranteed for everyone; it's part of the mystery!

For the ultimate surprise, choose our Gold Box. Spend £150, €150, or $150 and receive up to £450, €450, or $450 worth of our high-quality Crep Protect products. And yes, the Gold Box comes with the same exciting twist as the Silver Box! Enter your Sneaker size and clothing size, and you might find an extra surprise waiting in your package - a piece of trendy streetwear or hyped sneakers.

This Mystery Box campaign is a win-win situation for all our customers. Not only do you get value return on your spend, but you also get the thrill of surprise. It's a fantastic opportunity to explore our extensive range of products and maybe score some additional fashion-forward pieces!

Join us in this thrilling Mystery Box campaign and experience the joy of surprises and unbeatable value. Happy shopping, and remember, life's more fun when you're ready for a bit of mystery!

CLICK HERE to shop now!

Note: The Mystery Box campaign applies to all currencies - whether you're paying in £, € or $. It's time to treat yourself! Don't forget to enter your sizes when purchasing a Silver or Gold Box - who knows what surprises await?

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