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clock-circular-outline Posted November 07, 2022

Our new Crep Protect Crates 2.0 have officially launched! Our latest addition to the family is a MUST for all sneakerheads. If you are like us and value your sneakers as a piece of art, then our premium Crep Protect Crates 2.0 allows you to display those grail pairs whilst keeping them protected.

With sneaker damage not only occurring when wearing your sneakers outside, we have created the ultimate solution to protecting your favourite pairs indoors from dust, residue buildup and humidity.

Want to say goodbye to damaged boxes? Yep that’s right no more putting your sneakers in their cardboard boxes to store them, our Crep Protect Crates feature a stackable and interlocking system, allowing you to get creative with your set-up design.

Is lack of space your excuse for mistreating your sneakers? We have the solution…They are STACKABLE!

They are designed in a way that allows you to stack your collection safely without tilt or lean. Our sneaker crates offer the perfect solution to the issue of space.

The crates also feature a magnetic door design that enables easy access to your sneakers. Through using a magnetic door, and the edge to edge design we have not only eliminated the chance that the door can snap or become loose but we have made it a whole lot easier to access your grails in a hurry.

You may be wondering, but how safe are the crates to store my most prized possession?

Not only are our new 2.0 crates durable, but the outer back box is designed with black UV protection panels which prevents sunlight discolouration and fights against colour fading and material deterioration. The three side view has been designed to fit up to size US 13 sneakers - yes, including your favourite Air Jordan 1 Highs. You also won't have to worry about weight, as each Crate has been designed to be stable and sturdy, allowing you to build your wall of sneakers.

With sneaker care ticked off our list, we can take a look at the aesthetic of our new crates! The 2.0 crates feature a transparent window which allows you to get creative with your set-up and showcase your collection. With sneaker displays growing immensely popular amongst influencers and celebrities, it has never been easier to replicate a sneaker set-up.

Want to get set up and ready? The Crep Protect Crates 2.0 can be built in under 15 seconds, making sure your collection is on display in no time.

Follow our four simple steps below:

  1. Assemble
  2. Open the magnetic door to access
  3. Insert your sneakers sideways
  4. Stack to your desired style

Whether you want to flex your impressive sneaker collection, or save space, the Crep Protect Crates 2.0 are here to elevate your sneaker storage needs. Be sure to share your collection using #crepprotectcrates through your socials!

Store and protect your sneakers in style with the Crep Protect Crates 2.0!

Buy more, save more with our Crep Protect Crate Bundles!

1 Pack (2 Crates) £45 / €50 / $50

3 Pack Bundle (6 Crates) 15% OFF

6 Pack Bundle (12 Crates) 20% OFF

Check out our full range of footwear protection at Crep Protect.

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