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How to Lace Your Air Jordan 4 ‘s

How to Lace Your Air Jordan 4 ‘s

clock-circular-outline Posted September 25, 2023

At Crep, we love to make sure that your kicks look as fresh as your outfit and one way we keep your sneaker game on point is through our vast selection of pre-treated laces.

How to Lace Your Air Jordan 4s - a quick tutorial on how to box lace the Air Jordan 4 x SB 'Pine Greens'

In this How To demonstration, we’re going to show you how to bar lace your Air Jordan 4’s, using the signature 'Pine Greens' as an example, so that you can walk on those autumn streets with confidence!

Before we get stuck into this easy-to-follow lacing tutorial, let’s take a little dive into what our pre-treated laces do and how they can protect you from all the elements this season.

What are Crep Protect Pre-treated Laces?

Crep Protect Pre-Treated Laces, available in black and white

The Crep Protect Pre-treated Laces are specially designed to repel liquids and dirt that may absorb into your laces. Our unique waterproofing technology is woven into every small fibre of our laces to ensure maximum protection, lasting up to 10 washes.

These liquid-proofing laces come in a variety of styles and colours, so you can choose a pair of laces that best suit your sneaker style.

Lacing your Air Jordan 4’s

Step 1:
To start the lacing process, thread your laces through the two bottom eyelets, ensuring that each side is equal in length.

Step 2: Insert the left lace from the inside of the Jordan 4 through the left eyelet above, then pull it over to the right eyelet to create a second loop.

Step 3: Repeat the process with the right lace, inserting it from the inside through the right eyelet and looping over to the left.

Step 4: Continue alternating between the left and right laces, threading them through the eyelets above and creating loops, until you reach the last two eyelets on the Jordan 4 sneakers.

Top Tip: To keep the box lace neat, it is important to keep the lace facing the same way, we recommend adjusting the lace as you go to prevent any twisting.

Make sure you don’t skip any eyelets during the lacing process. If you accidentally miss an eyelet, you may have to unthread a couple of rows, but not to worry - this is all part of the learning process!

Need to refresh your Jordan 4 x SB 'Pine Greens'? Check out how we clean them using our signature Starter Pack here

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