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How to: Cleaning your Jordan 4 x SB ‘Pine Greens’

How to: Cleaning your Jordan 4 x SB ‘Pine Greens’

How to: Cleaning your Jordan 4 x SB ‘Pine Greens’

clock-circular-outline Posted October 12, 2023

If stains and dirt are ruining your drip, pick up our Crep Protect Starter kit

Crep Protect Starter Pack

At Crep we believe that no stain, scuff, or dirt should put a dampen on your mood, but when the great outside is covering your kicks in grime, our Crep Protect Starter Pack puts in the time.

For this How To demonstration, we show you how to effectively clean your Jordan 4 x SB ‘Pine Greens’ using our Crep Protect Starter Pack so your kicks can be looking fresh and clean all year round.

What is the Crep Protect Starter Pack?

The ultimate sneaker care package with a travel-friendly touch. The Crep Protect Starter Pack is everything you need to keep your kicks spotless on the go. Including our innovatively crafted Cure Foam, our miniature-sized 50ml Protective Spray, and six of our single-use dual-sided Wipes.

Let’s Get Started
To start the cleaning process of the Jordan 4 x SB ‘Pine Greens’, we take our Crep Protect Cure foam which includes our built-in bristle brush head. Using this bristle brush head, we scrub away any loose dirt and debris so that the sneaker is smooth and well-dusted, this ensures that the cleaning process will be easier to tackle.

YouTube snippet of cleaning the Jordan 4 x SB Pine Greens

Foam It Up
Now that all the loose dirt has been removed, it is time to apply the Cure Foam to your Jordan 4 x SB ‘Pine Greens’. Once applied all over the affected area, let the foam soak into your kicks for 10 minutes.

YouTube snippet of the Crep Protect Cure Foam in action

Top tip: For application on leather and similar materials, test for colour fastness on an inconspicuous area before use. This will reduce the chances of any colour bleeding that could potentially occur on your kicks.

Give It A Scrub
Once the foam has soaked into your kicks, dip your bristle brush in lukewarm water and gently scrub your Pine Greens to lift dirt, marks, and grime. The solution will start to foam up once again as you start to scrub your kicks, this will be a great indication that the Cure foam is working effectively.

YouTube snippet of cleaning kicks with Crep Protect Cure Foam
Repeat this process as many times as you need until your kicks are properly cleaned.

Done and Dusted
To finish off the cleaning process, wipe off any excess foam of your Jordan 4 x SB ‘Pine Greens’ using our premium microfibre towel. This will absorb any remaining dirt and moisture that appears on your kicks.

YouTube snippet, wiping over Pine Green's with a microfibre towel
For the best results, we also recommend leaving your kicks to dry for 24 hours.

A Follow Up

To maintain freshness in the weeks to come, use our travel-sized Crep Protect Spray for 2 weeks of long-lasting protection. Click here to find out more information on how to apply our Crep Protect Spray.

Make sure you also clean up smaller spillages and that occasional scuff mark with our dual-sided Wipes, the textured side is perfect for outsole and midsole cleaning. Use the smoother side for cleaning the uppers and any delicate materials (such as mesh, tumbled leather, nylon, etc.).

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