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How to Clean Your Air Max 90s

How to Clean Your Air Max 90s

How to Clean Your Air Max 90s

clock-circular-outline Posted October 11, 2023

As the colder days approach and we all become blessed with those rainy spells, one thing that will certainly feel the wear and tear of the autumn woes is our kicks. From that occasional scuff to the muddy seasonal soil, Crep Protect delivers all the expertise cleaning care that you need to keep all the elements at bay.

How to clean your Air Max 90s

We want to make your seasonal rotation stain-free, so on that clean note, we show you how to remove the dirt from your Air Max 90s, using our signature Crep Protect Cure kit and the OG ‘Infrared’ as an example so the only heat you’ll be feeling this autumn is on your feet.

Before we dive deep into this How To tutorial, let’s answer a couple of our most frequently asked questions.

Is Crep Protect Cure safe to use on my Air Max 90s?

Yes, Crep Protect Cure works effectively on your Air Max 90s. As the material of the sneaker comprises of a predominantly suede, leather, and mesh build, our 100ml natural Cure Solution works effectively on all types of materials. Lifting dirt grime, and stains without changing the sneakers’ original form or composition.

What does the Crep Protect Cure Kit include and how many pairs of sneakers does the solution clean?

Our Crep Protect Cure kit includes our natural 100ml Cure Solution, Premium Cleaning Brush, and a Microfibre cloth all stored in a travel-friendly carry case. The Cure solution cleans around 50 pairs of sneakers and is also available in a refillable 200ml option which cleans double the amount of sneakers (100 pairs).

Buy our Crep Protect Cure Solution here

Cleaning Preparation:

1. Before cleaning your Air Max 90s, open up your Cure solution and add a couple of drops into some lukewarm water.

2. Now the solution has been prepared, remove the laces from your sneakers and dip them into the water containing the Cure Solution.

3. Rub the laces through the palm of your hands, removing any mud or stains. If the dirt persists, place the Premium Cleaning Brush into the water and then work into the lace and this should get rid of any stubborn dirt.

Cleaning Air Max 90 laces

3. Once cleaned, allow your laces to dry overnight.

The Uppers / Outsole:

1. To start the cleaning process of the uppers, add a few more drops of the Cure solution to your Premium Cleaning Brush, dip it into the bowl of water, and start to work the brush onto your Air Max 90s in a circular motion. Start with mudguards and forefoot, then slowly work your way to the laterals and heels.

Applying Cure Solution to the Premium Cleaning Brush

Once you start working the Cure Solution into your sneakers, you’ll see that it will start to create a foam-like consistency, this means that this actioned-packed formula is working effectively.

Cleaning the Air Max 90s with Cure Solution

2. For the outsole, apply a little more pressure to your Premium Cleaning Brush to ensure that all dirt is removed from all the grooves and hard-to-reach areas.

3. Repeat steps 1&2 until desired results are achieved and don’t forget to switch to clean water.

Changing the cleaning water

Final steps:

1. Finish off your cleans by wiping down your Air Max 90s with the Microfibre cloth provided to remove any excess foam and moisture.

Wiping Air Max 90s with a Microfibre Towel

2. Allow your sneakers to dry for 12 hours or overnight.

12 Hours Drying Time

3. Now that your Air Max 90s are dry, re-lace them and you’re ready to go!

Air Max 90 OG 'Infrared'

To maintain the freshness of your kicks, why not apply some of our Crep Protect Spray? For 2 weeks of long-lasting protection.

For more sneaker-cleaning tips and tutorials, check out our How To section here


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