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Crep Protect Starter Pack Insights

Crep Protect Starter Pack Insights

Crep Protect Starter Pack Insights

clock-circular-outline Posted November 14, 2023

Winter time is finally here and that means one thing, a season packed with fun, festivities, and perhaps you’ve got that little holiday abroad lingering around the corner. Whether you're going on a staycation or doing anything to curve those city chills, the Crep Protect Starter Pack always keeps your sneakers looking fresh while you’re on the move.

Crep Protect Starter Pack

Now since its OG sneaker care debut, many of you have been a fan favourite of our Crep Protect Foam Spray and as you know, it works wonders on your favorite kicks. However, for those who have just joined the Crep family and want to find out more about our groundbreaking product, we’re going to take a closer look at the Crep Protect Starter Pack, so you can find out whether it is really worth a place in your sneaker care rotation.

What does the Crep Protect Starter Pack include?

Our innovative Crep Protect Starter Pack includes our signature Crep Foam solution an all-new miniature-sized version of our Crep Protect Spray and 6 of our dual-sided Cleaning Wipes.

What’s the difference between the Crep Protect Foam and Cure Solution?

The main difference between Foam and the Cure is that the Foam is a ready-made cleaning solution that is perfect for the on-go. You simply press on the applicator pump and wait for the foam to release onto your sneakers, working the cleaning solution in with the built-in brush head.

The Cure solution, however, will need to be mixed with some warm water, this will create an effective foaming solution once applied to your sneakers. Both Cure and Foam are 98% natural and made from water, Jojoba, and Coconut extracts.

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How many sneakers does the Crep Protect Starter Pack Clean?

The Crep Protect Starter Pack cleans around 10 sneakers.

After using the Crep Protect Starter Pack, how long will it take my sneakers to dry?

After using the Crep Protect Foam, we recommend leaving your sneakers to dry for 24 hours or overnight in a well-ventilated area. For the Crep Protect Spray, you’ll only need to wait 10 minutes after each layer before wearing your sneakers. The wipes require no drying time, so there’s no need to wait around to wear your favourite kicks.

What materials can I use the Crep Protect Wipes on?

Crep Protect Wipes are best suited to your leather and mesh sneakers, however, they can be used on nylon and suede sneakers if used gently (use the smooth side) as these materials run the risk of colour bleeding.

What materials can the Crep Protect Spray be used on?

The Crep Protect Spray is safe to use on all types of materials including leather, suede, nylon, mesh, vinyl, and canvas.

Should I use the Crep Protect Wipes before or after applying the Crep Protect Spray?

Yes, for the best results, we recommend using the wipes before applying the spray as the wipes can remove the protective barrier of the spray, making your shoes unprotected from rain and stains.

Crep Protect Starter Pack

Is the packaging recyclable?

Our cardboard cover packaging is recyclable.

Is there a difference between the Wipes and the Crep Foam?

The Wipes are intended for a quick touch-up, but if you’re looking for a deeper clean, then we recommend you use the Crep Foam.

Buy our Crep Protect Starter Pack here

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