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Crep Protect Fantastic 4 Bundle: Everything You Need to Know

Crep Protect Fantastic 4 Bundle: Everything You Need to Know

clock-circular-outline Posted July 11, 2024

Deciding over which Crep product would best suit your sneaker care routine? 

Crep Protect Fantastic 4

Well, have four as our Fantastic 4 bundle is the perfect comprehensive sneaker care kit for those true sneakerheads out there. 

From protection to cleaning, at Crep we’ve got an extensive list of products that help you transform your beaters into clean sneakers with that box-fresh feel. That’s why we're here to explain why this selection of products in our Fantastic 4 kit is the best bang for your buck. Besides, it’s the perfect gift for any sneakerhead too! 

So gather around your phone screens, as there’s plenty to learn about one of our best-selling sneaker care kits of all time.

What’s included in the Fantastic 4 Kit?

Our Fantastic 4 Kit is a generous selection of our Crep Protect’s signature protection and cleaning products including our Cure Travel Kit, Sneaker Guards, Spray and 6 of our dual-sided sneaker cleaning wipes. 


Crep Protect Fantastic 4 Kit

Is there any order that I have to use the products in the Fantastic 4 bundle?

For the Fantastic 4, we recommend using the Cure Kit first to give your sneakers the ultimate freshen-up, ensuring that you leave your sneakers to dry for 24 hours. Once your sneakers are fully dry, give them a spray with our Crep Protect Spray as this creates an invisible protective barrier that repels rain and stains. 

Now that your sneakers are fully protected, slot in a pair of our Crep Protect Guards to keep unwanted toe box creases at bay (cut down to size if needed), while the dual-sided Wipes are perfect for quick touch-ups. 

Shop our Fantastic 4 kit here 


Cure Kit:

Crep Protect Cure

How many sneakers can I clean with one Cure Kit

One kit is all you need to clean up to 50 pairs of shoes.

What is the Cure solution made out of?

Our specially curated Cure solution contains water with extracts of Coconut and Jojoba.

Image of the Cure Kit including a 100ml cleaning solution, microfibre cloth and a premium cleaning brush


Can one brush really be safe to use on all materials?

Yes, our brush is perfectly safe on a range of materials and types of sneakers. We have put the brush through years of research and development to design a multipurpose sneaker brush suitable for all use. 


Can the Cure solution clean suede and nubuck materials?

Yes, the Cure solution can be used on suede and nubuck materials, however, take caution not to use excessive water and brush carefully. Please note that dyed suede can bleed, which means you should avoid getting them wet at all. We recommend testing the product on an inconspicuous before use to check for colour bleeding.

Sneaker Guards:

Crep Protect Sneaker Guards

How long do Crep Protect Sneaker Guards last?

Our Sneaker Guards are designed to be used infinitely, and one pair can be reused as many times as needed to prevent unwanted toe boxes. The Sneaker Guards can also be used when sneakers are not being worn, to keep their shape until the next wear.

Can I wash the Guards?

Our Guards are not suitable for washing.

Crep Protect Guards


Can I cut the Guards to fit inside my sneakers?

Yes, you can cut the Crep Protect Guards to match your shoe size

Can I reuse my Guards?

Yes, the Guards are reusable, plus they maintain your sneakers’ shape during and after use.


Crep Protect Wipes

What makes the Crep Protect Wipes different to standard cleaning Wipes?

The Crep Protect Wipes are so much more than standard wipes! They are soaked in our patented Cure cleaning formula with two sides, one with textured spots to lift stubborn marks. The Wipes are also tried and tested for durability, meaning they will withstand the toughest cleans without falling apart.

Can I use them on suede or nubuck?

We do not recommend using our wipes on suede and nubuck as these materials are not designed to withstand moisture. Refer to our Cure Solution and premium brush for safe suede and nubuck cleaning.

If I’ve used the Crep Protect Spray previously, will the Wipes remove the protective layer?

Yes, they will. Once dry, we advise reapplying the Spray using Crep Protect Wipes. 



~Crep Protect Spray

How long does the Crep Protect Spray protect my shoes?

If you wear your sneakers every day, you should only need to reapply the spray every 4 weeks. 

Will the spray change or affect the colour, look or performance of my sneakers?

No way! Once the spray is fully dried, it's completely invisible.

Crep Protect Spray including unique selling points

What is the best way to apply it?

Spray from a 20cm distance and apply evenly - don’t drench or saturate your shoes and you’ll be good. Follow the instructions!

Is the Crep Protect Spray suitable to use on leather?

Yes when using, shake the can well and spray lightly from a 20cm distance. Please note that leather is already waterproof so the effect is minimal. 

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