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Crep Connects with Latya: International Women’s Month

Crep Connects with Latya: International Women’s Month

clock-circular-outline Posted March 15, 2024

Happy International Women’s Month sneakerheads! 

Crep Connects with Latya

To celebrate this month dedicated to uplifting and championing influential women across the globe, we’ve decided to shine a light on a handful of inspirational women who are making waves in the creative industry. 

From journaling their successes, and challenges to educating the future generation of creatives, this series is all about empowering the women-led initiatives that have continued to make a positive impact on society. No matter how big or small, we’re all ears and we hope you are too!

This week we caught up with customiser and sneaker restorer Latya who has been killing it in the creative game. From working in a sneaker shop in Nottingham to taking over London town with her bespoke masterpieces, we take a look at her journey to success, exploring how her passion for sneakers evolved into a thriving business that merges art and fashion.

Read the full interview below:

C: Hey Latya, thanks for joining us today, we love what you do and we are gassed we can share your talent with the Crep family! We would like to kick off this interview by asking you how you are.

L: I am very well thank you! I hope you’re doing well too!
C: For people who are unfamiliar with you and your work, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

L: My name is Latya, I’m originally from Nottingham now based in North West London and I am a sneaker customiser, restorer and content creator!

C: A sneaker customiser, restorer and cleaner that has amassed a huge following on social media, we know this didn’t happen overnight! Where did your love for sneakers/customising all start for you? 

L: I have always loved shoes for as long as I can remember! But things took a change when I started working in a sneaker shop back in Nottingham and was seeing shoes every day!

C: As you know this month is dedicated to all the inspirational women out there (including yourself), what does International Women’s Month mean to you?

L: As a woman in a male-dominated field, I think it is very important that women are highlighted and this month holds deep significance for me as it's a time to honour and celebrate the achievements, contributions, and resilience of women worldwide. It's a reminder of the progress we've made in advancing gender equality and the ongoing work that still needs to be done.

For me, it's about recognising the strength, diversity, and power of women's voices and the importance of creating a more inclusive and equitable society for all genders. It's a call to action to amplify women's voices, advocate for their rights, and strive for a future where every woman and girl can thrive and fulfil her potential!

Crep Connects with Latya

C: Quickfire round! What’s your top 3 favourite sneakers and why?

L: My top 3 shoes are:

I can’t really choose specific colourways because I mostly appreciate a shoe by the silhouette!

  • Jordan 4 
  • Prada Americas Cup
  • Yeezy Desert Boot

  • I love Jordan 4’s because they’re such a timeless classic from Nike and I feel like almost every colourway works on them.

    The Prada Americas Cup have taken my number 2 spot because of how versatile they are! It had to be the OG shape though not the new version Prada has put out!

    The Yeezy Desert Boots have to be in my top 3 strictly because they’re probably the most worn shoes in my collection. They’re so comfortable and can be worn all year round and they also keep my feet warm in winter!

    C: If you could customise any sneaker for any celebrity/ influential person in your life who would it be and what would it look like?

    L: If I could customise a sneaker for any celebrity it would be for my fave Riri (Rihanna) I just love her style, aura and everything about her. She has done so much creatively it’d just be an honour to gift her one of my customs. The custom would probably be on Jordan 1’s because she’s been seen in those a lot and I love working with that silhouette. They would probably have a lilac and gold theme!

    C: With successes also come challenges. What challenges do you think you have faced being a woman working in industry and what would you like to see change? 
    L: I think the challenge that stands out the most is not being taken seriously. I have done a bunch of jobs with men where I’ve known they were being paid more than me which isn’t really fair but that’s just the way the industry is right now and hopefully that can change!


    C: What advice would you give to young individuals trying to make it in the creative industry?

    L: The main thing I would say is to keep being consistent because consistency is key and in turn, can expand your portfolio! I have had a lot of success with content because one day I just decided to start recording what I was doing and people enjoyed watching the process!! That can be with anything not just sneaker customisation! 

    C: Thanks Latya, we appreciate you spending time with us today, are there any final words you would like to share with the Crep Family?

    L: I just wanted to mention that I’m really grateful for this opportunity and from being 16 working in a shoe shop where we sold Crep Protect to being featured is surreal! Never would I have thought back then that this is what I would be doing now! So thank you!

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