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5 Things You Should Know About the Air Max 95

One of the most influential silhouettes of our time, you can't discuss the Air Max lineage without idolizing the success of the Air Max 95 (AM95). A true standout in terms of design, functionality and cultural appeal, at Crep we thought we would revisit the genius invention by Sergio Lozano.

Air Max 95Courtesy of Grailify via Unsplash Images 

To understand a little more about the backstory of this masterpiece, here are 5 things you should know about the silhouette - so you’ll never think twice about buying a pair of 95s again.

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1. Human Anatomy inspired the Air Max 95

No doubt, a far cry from previous designs issued from the Air Max lineage, the 95 came into its own in terms of aesthetics, and to some extent, created its own muse of innovation. With Hatfield stepping away from the Air Max line in 1994, it was Nike’s ACG designer Sergio Lozano's time to shine, and his eminent anatomy-inspired design certainly did the trick.

Sketch of Air Max 95 design

Lozano was fascinated by the functioning human body and how it all harmoniously works together and therefore, wanted to emulate this throughout the Air Max 95. Uppers were fleshed out in a layered mesh and suede construction - inspired by muscle fibres, the quick lacing system latched around the uppers mimicked a rib cage, while a spine-inspired underfoot offered a rather unconventional completion to the outsole. The unique combination was also stitched and compression moulded, to reduce bagging and folding over time. 

Sketch of Air Max 95 designIt was also the first Air Max to feature dual air-powered visible cushioning, with its additional forefoot cushioning offering exceptional and aerodynamic comfort, however, the fit wasn’t seen as the most practical for running due to its bulkier construction. 


2. The Silhouette Was Favored Amongst US Rap Artists

In its early heydays, the Air Max 95 facilitated a culture that bridged the unique synergy between the tantalising Hip-Hop beats of the East Coast to the eclectic style of the streets. And this assemblage didn’t go unnoticed, with the likes of many rappers and artists namely Curren$y, Eminem, Warren G and even Lil Kim in her early M.A.F.I.A days rocking the Air Max 95.

The fit became a sense of social expression and demeanour of style to the point that even The Game would kill you if he tried you him for his Air Max 95’s, the besotted spits of the artist in the iconic rap tune ‘Hate It Or Love It’. 

3. It Wasn’t The First Shoe To Feature The ‘Neon Volt’ Colorway   

When the Air Max 95 hit our shelves back in 1995, it was first released in its inaugural OG  ‘Neon’ colorway. Although it offered an all-new iridescent feel to the hybrid model, it wasn’t the Beaverton brand’s first rodeo with this colorway.

Nike Air Max 95 'Neon Volt'
Lozano incorporated the use of ‘neon’ accents across the eyestay and lateral heel as a nod to Nike’s official race kit that utilises a render of brightly coloured hues throughout. Even to this present day, the colorway plays a pivotal role in a range of sneaker silhouettes and will continue to stand the test of time.

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4. The AM95 Is A Favorite On The UK Streets

The AM95 quickly adopted a universal appeal, however, it became deeply ingrained in the inner-city utopia of London. Enriching itself into the culture and early assimilations of London street style. Spreading its domain across the capital city, the Air Max 95  ‘110s’ specifically was a marker of style and identity to those who lived and associated in the capital city.

 The fit also became closely subjected to the social demeanours of the quintessential UK roadman, with the Air Max 95 being one of the highest-reported shoes that landed on the feet of arrested offenders up and down the country.

5. The Original Air Max 95  Prototype Did Not Feature The Swoosh

The original design of the Air Max 95, conceived by designer Sergio Lozano, boldly deviated from traditional Nike aesthetics by not featuring the iconic Swoosh logo. This decision was rooted in Lozano's vision to emphasise the shoe's innovative technology, including its advanced cushioning system, rather than relying on the brand's established symbol for recognition.

However, Nike, valuing brand identity and the recognisability of the Swoosh, ultimately rejected this concept. In a compromise that maintained the shoe's distinct design while acknowledging corporate branding requirements, the Swoosh was later added as a moniker on the lateral heel. This subtle incorporation allowed the Air Max 95 to maintain its unique aesthetic appeal while still aligning with Nike's branding strategy.

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