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Will This Off-White™ x Air Jordan 5 Survive Our Extreme Test?

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10 Feb Crep Protect Extreme Clean Off-White Air Jordan 5

We’re back with another extreme clean video, this time taking on the Off-White™ x Air Jordan 5. Take a look at the video below to see if the sneaker survived.

Getting your sneakers covered in mud is every sneakerheads worst nightmare. Here at Crep Protect, it’s just a part of what we do to prove how our solution works. For our latest extreme clean video, we decided to put one of the most hyped sneakers of the year through a tough time: the Off-White™ x Air Jordan 5. The fourth Off-White™ Jordan, this sneaker features a nylon upper and takes inspiration from Abloh’s first-ever pair of Jordans, the Metallic 5s.

The shoe created a huge amount of hype when it released and quickly hit the resell market. Retailing at £170, the Off-White™ x Air Jordan 5 now resells for upwards of £600, not a small price. This particular Off-White™ sneaker uses cut out holes, as well as subtle details like the text on the shoelaces and medial side. Signature Off-White™ accents like a zip tie and a deconstructed aesthetic give this shoe it’s unique look and feel.

We decided to get this Off-White™ Jordan covered in mud before demonstrating just how successful our solution really is. If you want to know whether this sneaker survived or not, take a look at the video below and let us know what sneaker you want to see extreme cleaned next.

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