Head to Toe


Bringing you ultimate protection from the elements, the Crep Protect Head to Toe Spray Kit repels liquids and stainable materials to ensure your headwear and footwear stay looking fresh.

The iconic Crep Protect Spray uses a super-hydrophobic formula to create an invisible coating which repels liquids and prevents stains, giving you the ultimate protection during wear. Easy to apply spray dries in just 10 minutes, giving you up to four weeks of protection on canvas, leather, nubuck and suede without affecting the look or feel of footwear.

Building on the heritage and history of New Era’s headwear, the Crep Protect New Era Protector Spray provides fast-drying protection for caps and hats made from wool, polyester, cotton & denim, providing up to six months’ worth of protection from the first application.

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Before applying the spray, ensure your sneakers are clean & dry

Shake well. Evenly spray the sneaker 20cm away. Do not over spray

Leave to dry for 10 minutes

Spray your sneakers again. For best results, leave to dry for 15 minutes

Weight 0.2 kg