Crep Protect Starter Pack


The Ultimate Sneaker Care designed for travel. Our Starter Pack contains travel-friendly essentials packaged in a durable pouch to use while on the go. Delivering mighty sneaker cleaning and protection power in new mini sized products. 

Our new Starter Pack contains travel-sized versions of our fundamental cleaning products including a mini rain and stain-resistant barrier spray, foam cleaner and 6 dual-sided wipes. Everything you need to look after your footwear on the move.

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The Ultimate Starter Pack contains


NEW Crep Protect Spray Mini 50ml

  • The iconic Crep Protect formula that protects sneakers from rain and stains
  • Easy to use and dries in just 10 minutes
  • Instantly repels liquids and protects sneakers
  • Invisible protection that doesn’t alter the look or feel of sneakers
  • Two coats provides up to four weeks of protection
  • Mini but mighty! New miniature 50ml size is travel friendly and easy to use on the go


NEW Crep Protect Cure Foam 50ml

  • Ready-to-use Cure Foam is brand new product innovation – combining the power of the Cure Cleaning solution in a ready to use formula
  • Easy and efficient to use – simply spray onto sneakers and use the built-in brush head to wipe away dirt
  • Innovative new foam formula helps trap and remove dirt and grime
  • Premium cleaning brush head included to tackle stubborn marks and stains
  • Mini but mighty! Miniature 50ml size is travel friendly and easy to use on the go


Crep Protect Wipes – 6 pack

  • The classic ‘on-the-go’ sneaker cleaning product – Crep Protect Wipes are ready to use to tackle marks, dirt, grime and stains
  • Double-sided and dual-textured for a maximum cleaning surface
  • Use the textured side to tackle tough dirt and stains or wipe clean with the smooth side for the perfect finish
  • Pre-treated with a powerful cleaning formula that removes grime the first wipe
  • Durable wipe that won’t break apart during cleaning
  • Individually sealed in a unique foil sachet to lock in moisture
  • Refreshing citrus scent