Black Lives Matter Spray


Black Lives Matter Spray is not available to United States (US).

‘Only available in the UK’

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and that’s why we’ve introduced the limited edition the Crep Protect Black Lives Matter Protector Spray to the range, replacing our iconic packaging with the revised all-black design. Inside the can is the product you know and love. The 200ml super-hydrophobic spray creates an invisible coating which repels liquids and prevents stains on Canvas, Nubuck and Suede, without affecting the look, feel or performance of the sneakers. The exclusive matte black can support the ongoing movement to achieve race equality indefinitely, with 100% of proceeds from all sales donated to key initiatives fighting against racial injustice.

> Black Lives Matter
> Black Lives Matter UK
> The Bail Project
> Campaign Zero
Limited to 2 per person.
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Before applying the spray, ensure your sneakers are clean & dry

Shake well. Evenly spray the sneaker 20cm away. Do not over spray

Leave to dry for 10 minutes

Spray your sneakers again. For best results, leave to dry for 15 minutes

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