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Since humble beginnings and inspection in 2012, Crep Protect has become the world’s fastest growing sneakers care brand, constantly bringing the most innovative products and collections to the market. Our visionary team, who continue to embrace and understand consumers on a personal level. #WEARESNEAKERS and know absolutely how to protect and care for them.
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Back to the Future Sneakers vs. Ketchup

Marty McFly travelling back to the future and discovered Crep Protect

//// 02

YEEZY 350s in space?

We have the evidence to prove it!

//// 03

AJ1 DIOR vs Hersheys. Who wins?

NIKE AJ1 DIOR get dunked into hersheys syrup. See how our CURE Cleaning Kit saved the day!

/// 01

Back to the Future Sneakers vs. Ketchup

Marty McFly travelling back to the future and discovered Crep Protect

/// 01

YEEZY 350s in space?

We have the evidence to prove it!

/// 01

AJ1 DIOR vs Hersheys. Who wins?

NIKE AJ1 DIOR get dunked into hersheys syrup. See how our CURE Cleaning Kit saved the day!

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DJ Khaled

The Miami-based Music Mogol takes centre stage with us. Delivering eight of our most coveted sneaker care products. The collaboration featured the "We The Best" colourway and co-branded stamp on our products packed into a premium box.



Renowned tatto artist, Mutsuo Nakabayashi brings his art to our infamous protection spray. The collaboration featured a classic ATMOS Blue and the brilliant work on Nakabayashi on two cans in a pack with a screen to tell the story behind this launch.



2016 marks 24 Kilates's 10th anniversary. To commemorate a decade in the game; the sneaker boutique has teamed up with Crep Protect on a lavish colab. 24 Kilates, whose name translates to '24 karats' in English, will drop a limited edition gold bar case containing a gold can of the acclaimed sneaker-protection spray.

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How to Use Crep Protect Wipes

For our latest back to basics episode, we wanted to show you how to use our Ultimate Cleaning Wipes on one of the year’s hottest shoes. Take a look below.

There’s nothing worse than wearing a brand new pair of trainers and getting them dirty unexpectedly. In those moments, knowing how to react can be key to ensuring that your trainers survive. That’s why we invented our handy Crep Protect Ultimate Cleaning Wipes to ensure that you can give your shoes a quick fix before the dirt sets in.

We wanted to show you just how to use Crep Protect Wipes in order to get the maximum benefit from them. In order to do this, we got a pair of the sacai x Nike LDWaffle “White Nylon” dirty in order to show you just how effective our wipes are. Without further delay, let’s take a look at how to use the Crep Protect Wipes.

The Wipe

Our wipes are double-sided, each with a specific purpose. The smooth side of the Crep Wipe is designed for general cleaning, giving the shoe a once over and tackling the easier cleaning sections. The textured side is designed to take on those tougher stains, with the raised fabric being used to remove the stains left on the shoe. It’s important to remember the purpose of each side of the Crep Protect Cleaning Wipe so that you don’t use the wrong side for the wrong reason.

The Toe

Using the rougher side of the wipe, start wiping down the toe and mudguard to tackle those tough stains. This will help to remove the dirt as these areas are one of the most exposed on any shoe. The rough side will take the stains out of these areas whilst not damaging any sensitive fabrics such as leather, canvas and nylon.

The Swoosh

On any Nike shoe, the Swoosh is one of the key areas to keep clean. With this being a sacai x Nike LDWaffle, there are two different Swooshes to keep in mind. This leather Swoosh will require the rough side of the cloth in order to get clean. It

The Midsole

As with any shoe, the midsole is exposed to a lot more dirt and stain problems that any other area. The midsole will require the rough side of the Crep Cleaning Wipe too. Using the textured side of the wipe will enable you to get the dirt out of the midsole without affecting the material.


The Heel

When it comes to the heel of the sneaker, the rough side will also enable you to get a lot of the scuff out too. The texture will get all of the excess dirt out of the shoe and is an effective way to ensure that you remove stains.

Repeat the Process

Keep working around the shoe until you are happy with the outcome. It’s important to go over the shoe a few times in case you have missed any dirty areas that need a clean again. Use the smooth side of the wipe to do a general clean around the shoe too, making sure that all dirt has been removed from the sneaker.



Let’s take a closer look at how you should use the Crep Protect cleaning wipes on the sacai x Nike LDWaffle:

  • The Wipe – there are two different sides to the Crep Protect Wipe with two different purposes. Make sure that you use the rough side for tough stains and the smooth side for general cleans
  • The Toe – start off at the toebox and mudguard of the shoe using the rough side, using the smooth side to clean any excess dirt off
  • The Swoosh – using the rough side of the wipe, wipe down the Swoosh to remove dirt before going over with the smooth side
  • The Midsole – make sure that you use the rough side of the wipe for the midsole as this area is more prone to stains and dirt marks
  • The Heel – the rough side is best for the sole as it will tackle the tough stains that the shoe suffers from
  • Repeat – go over the shoe once more if you feel that it needs to be cleaned a little more, using the rough side for tougher stains and the smooth side for general cleaning
How to Apply the Crep Protect Spray
how to

We’re taking things back to basics for our latest video, showing you how to apply the Crep Protect Spray on an adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Tail Light”. Take a closer look below.

Here at Crep Protect, we always want people to get the best out of our products. One of the most asked questions that we get is how to apply the signature Crep Protect spray properly. Sneakerheads all over the world want to know how to protect their kicks. That’s why we’ve taken a back to basics approach for our latest video.

We’ll be showing you how to apply the Crep Protect Spray to the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Tail Light”. As one of the latest Yeezy 350 V2s to release, we thought that this was a match made in heaven. Of course, this method applies for all footwear that you are applying the Crep Protect Spray too, whether it’s Jordans or Air Max. Without further delay, let’s take a look at how to use Crep Protect Spray.

Step One – Brush Excess Dirt

Now, before applying the spray to your footwear it’s important to clean the shoe. This doesn’t need to be a full deep clean, but you will need to remove any excess dirt that can be seen on the shoe. Using the Crep Protect Brush, gently brush along the upper of the shoe in a circular motion moving towards the midsole. Repeat this step a few times to ensure that no dirt has been left on the shoe before you start the spray application.

Step Two – Shake the Crep Protect Spray

As with any aerosol, shaking the can is important. The reason for this is that shaking mixes all of the products together, meaning that the repellant can begin to form inside the can. Shaking the Crep Protect Spray ensures that all of the elements come together in order to create an effective barrier against rain and stains. If you don’t shake your Crep Protect Spray, you won’t get the best out of the product.

Step Three – Applying the First Coat

Now that you have brushed the dirt away and shook the can, you can start to apply the spray. Holding the Crep Protect Spray 20cm from the shoe, press down on the nozzle and coat the sneaker using a continuous motion. Starting from the top of the laces, move down towards the toe box and then make your way to the side. Still 20cm away, apply the Crep Protect Spray from the heel section back towards the toe box. Once you have done this around the entire sneaker you can leave it.

Step Four – Letting the Shoe Dry

In order for the first coat of the Crep Protect Spray to take effect, you will need to leave the sneaker for 10 minutes in direct sunlight. If you can’t leave the shoes in sunlight, leaving them in a room temperature room for 10 minutes will be fine.

Step Five – Applying the Second Coat

Once you have left the sneakers to dry for 10 minutes, you can begin to apply the second coat of Crep Protect Spray. Following the same process that we outlined in Step Three, press down on the spray from 20cm away and start at the top of the laces, moving towards the toe box. After you have done this, turn the sneaker around and spray from the heel up towards the toe box again.

Step Six – Let the Shoe Dry Once More

Following the same process as before, leave the sneaker to dry for 10 minutes in direct sunlight or in a room temperature room. After the shoe has been left to dry for 10 minutes, you will be able to put our Crep Protect Spray to the test.

Step Seven – Put the Crep Protect Spray to the Test

After your sneakers are all dried off and you’ve applied two coats, you can see the Crep Protect Spray in action. Our super-hydrophobic spray creates an invisible coating which repels liquids and repels stains. The nanotechnology ensures that water rolls off the fabric without affecting the material. The spray should last for approximately two weeks if you follow the steps correctly!



Here we’ll explain just how the Crep Protect Spray works in a few simple steps:

  • Step One – Brush excess dirt away before applying the spray
  • Step Two – Shake the Crep Protect Spray for a few seconds to make sure that the elements have all combined
  • Step Three – Holding the Crep Protect Spray 20cm away from the shoe, begin applying the spray starting from the laces to the toe box. Then work your way around from the heel to the toe box again going around the sides of the shoe.
  • Step Four – Let the spray set for 10 minutes, leaving them in direct sunlight or inside at room temperature
  • Step Five – Repeat Step Three, holding the can 20cm from the shoe and working your way from the laces to the toe box then the sides back to the toe box
  • Step Six – Leave the shoe for a further 10 minutes in direct sunlight or inside at room temperature
  • Step Seven – Your kicks are ready!

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering what materials does Crep Protect Spray work on, we’ve ensured that it covers delicate materials like suede, nubuck, canvas, mesh and Primeknit. Our special formula ensures that your sneakers repel liquids and stains, creating the ultimate barrier against grime. Dirt is done!

Adidas x Crep Protect Sneaker Services Berlin has landed!

He innovative new space offers sneakerheads in Berlin the ultimate cleaning and sneaker refresh services – with your chance to win exclusive prizes every day this month to celebrate the launch!

Building on the exciting partnership with adidas, Crep Protect have opened the doors to its third exclusive Sneaker Services space in Berlin, Germany. The new space is housed within the innovative new adidas halo store in Berlin, the brand’s most sustainable store yet with integrated biophilic elements (including live plants, innovative air systems and flooring made using 100% recycled materials.

Located in the basement, Sneaker Services customers can choose from the tiered menu of cleaning services, from a sneaker foam clean and refreshing insole steam to the premium ‘Gold’ service now available at Sneaker Services Berlin, offering the most intricate sneaker clean to date.

The Sneaker Services menu provides a range of services for the ultimate sneaker revival, using innovative techniques and expert products to re-invigorate footwear, as well as Crep Protect products to maintain sneakers fresh look and feel. Sneakers are returned to that box fresh look and feel, as their lifespan is extended, driving a more sustainable future for footwear.

You know we had to bring the energy too! 

Visit the store today for a range of exclusive activations and your chance to win prizes everyday in December: 

  • The Ultimate Crep-mas Calendar – Visit the store today to scan the QR code and enter the daily giveaway. New prizes each day from sneakers, adidas & Sneaker Services shopping vouchers, Crep Protect Products and more!
  • Beat the Buzz Wire – Have you got the skills to beat the Yeezy Buzz Wire? Play for free to win exclusive prizes, only for a limited time!
  • Free Express Cleans courtesy of our team of onsite Sneaker Technicians 
  • Free shoe care expertise and product demonstrations are available throughout opening hours including hints and tips for prolonging the lifespan of footwear 

Continue the care at home with Crep Protects renowned range of exclusive adidas co-branded sneaker care products, ONLY available at Sneaker Services locations including Berlin. The range includes the Ultimate Rain & Stain Barrier, Cure Cleaning Kit, Travel-sized wipes and Mark On Pens.

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