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Our easy-to-use and travel friendly mark-on pen. Restore or customise the look of your sneaker's midsole.


The 4MM bullet tip allows pinpoint precision when restoring tired midsoles or designing your own custom patterns. Only two coats needed to achieve your look, Mark-On pens available in black or white.


How can I use this?

The Pen is multi purpose and can be used either for customisation or for restoring the white look of mid soles that cannot be cleaned.

How many coats do you recommend?

For all circumstances we advise two coats. give the first layer 15 minutes to dry.

Will this paint flake off over time?

Oil based pens are designed to be very durable compared to Water based designs.

In what cases is this effective for restoration?

Particularly boost midsoles as when these yellow over time and due to their absorbent nature are often stubborn when attempting to clean off mud. Our White Mark On will restore the colour to factory white.

Turning Off-White MCA White - Crep Protect Mark On

Crep Protect Box Pack
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Not available in your country
Not available in your country
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