Nike Dunk 'Panda'

The Nike Dunk Low Panda is back, yet again

BY Morgan Scott-Simms/ 18TH September 2023
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The Nike Dunk Low Panda is back, yet again

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Another 'Panda' Dunk restock coming to a Nike store near you

Nike Panda Dunk

Few sneakers have sparked as much hyped Panda Dunk. Since its launch in 2021, the silhouette has become an emblem of the streets and a powerful force on social media platforms like TikTok.

The Panda Dunk’s appeal lies in its timeless aesthetics. Titular shades of black overlay the toe, tongue, and heel, while fresh accents of white, add a clean, understated feel underneath. Even the units maintain the two-toned theme, with the darker colour dominating the traction-packed outsoles. 

Nike Dunk Panda

Due to high demand, Nike has responded with periodic restocks, making the Panda Dunk available throughout the year, ensuring that all sneaker enthusiasts can enjoy its charm. If you missed out on an earlier release, don’t fret; an exciting 2023 restock is on the horizon, slated for September 26, 2023.

Take this opportunity to be part of sneaker history and elevate your street style with the Nike Panda Dunk!

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