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Crep Protect Unveils The Ultimate Gel Insoles

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03 Mar The Ultimate Gel Insoles Product

Having already successfully launched our range of technical insoles earlier this year, we’re now back with our most innovative insole yet.

Here at Crep Protect HQ, we’ve been busy putting together one of our most advanced products so far; The Ultimate Gel Insoles.

Created with the sneakerhead in mind, we have designed an insole that will offer a number of benefits unlike any other product on the market. Anti-friction fabric has been used and is designed to protect the skin against friction caused by rubbing, heat and sweat; with an antibacterial component creating an effective barrier against odour causing bacteria. 

Understanding the comfort needs that sneakerheads require, The Ultimate Gel Insoles have features designed to provide this. The contoured shape helps to complement functionality and creates arch support throughout, a feature that is echoed when taking a look at the technology underneath. 

Cushioning gel structures have been used at the forefoot to reduce and help energy dispersion around the foot. Recognising the pressure based on the heel, we placed force absorbing gel bubbles at the base of the insole. These gel bubbles are designed to absorb and dissipate this stress upon impact, reducing the pressure of each step. 

Finally, a metatarsal pad helps to distribute weight, impact and stress evenly across the foot, making for a smoother and more comfortable experience for those with flatter feet. 

The Ultimate Gel Insoles will be priced at £20 and range from sizes UK3.5 – UK12. You can pick up your pair from the Crep Protect online store on March 5th with free worldwide shipping for a limited time and in JD Sports from March 6th.

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