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Crep Protect Partners with Springfield Group on School Children Initiative

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28 Feb

Always striving to give back to the community, Crep Protect recently teamed up with Springfield to help put shoes on the feet of 10,000 children. Read more below.

In Ghana, children trek several miles every day in order to get to school. Most of these students come from rural communities or underprivileged areas. For the majority of these children, they are walking to school in shoes that are not built for the harsh terrain. Due to the fact that these students do this every day, their footwear often wears out quickly. This leaves their parents in a difficult position. Springfield Group is changing this.

Springfield Group, which was founded in 2006 by Kevin Okyere, has designed, manufactured and begun distributing more than 10,000 shoes to give to students in need. Crafted using durable materials, the shoes that Springfield Group has provided will ensure that all pupils can get to school without worrying about the impact on their footwear.

We have partnered with Springfield Group to ensure that every child who receives a pair of shoes is able to keep them clean. We have worked closely with Springfield Group to ensure that our signature Crep Wipes are given with every pair of sneakers that a child receives. 

For us, this is about making sure that a child is given the world’s leading premium sneaker care for their new shoes. As sneakerheads, we know the importance of getting new shoes. Getting your hands on the latest release is a great feeling and one that we know only too well. For some, getting new sneakers once a week or once a month is simply not an option. 

We are proud to have worked with Springfield Group since September 2019, giving our signature wipes to hundreds of children in need.

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